Water Features may consist of:

Bubbling Panels of Water
Bubbling Columns of Water
Indoor Waterfalls
Relaxing Displays for Doctor's Waiting Rooms
Trade Show Displays
Point-of-Purchase Displays (POP)
Interactive Educational Displays
Center Piece for Corporate Lobbies
Wall Dividers for Restaurants and Casinos
Water Displays for Theme Restaurants

Alien Aquariums can design a single item, or design items for mass production. Our design staff has developed custom water features for The Gap, Pepsi, McDonalds, Sears, Harrah's Casino, Starbucks NYC, Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, Rainforest Cafe, and numerous restaurants and corporations.

Maybe it is an interactive bubbling display for a McDonalds play area or a center piece in a Fortune 500 corporation's lobby. Perhaps a dramatic ten foot high bubbling wall that surrounds visitors as they enter a display at the zoo. Or a bar or counter top that has the illusion of floating on water. Not just one unique piece. We provide point of purchase displays that are supplied in high enough quantities to be rolled out to stores across the country on specific days.

What about safety? If you buy a water feature or display that you have never had before how do you know how safe it is? If you require the water feature to be in a doctor's or others waiting room, is it safe for small children to be around? If your application is a waiting room we will discourage a water fall. Why? After a few months they stink and must be completely cleaned. Then there is the molds that will grow in it (perfect for a Asthma sufferer). The most popular indoor water fall on the Internet has halogen lights in the base. We think about what can happen when a child puts his or her hand on that hot halogen light.

We will work with you; not just sell you a product. We can design a water feature that fits not only your taste and budget, but utilizes our experience. In addition, we are working on standardizing some of our previous custom work to shorten delivery times and reduce cost to our new customers.

We will be happy to have our design staff help you on your project.

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