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Alien Aquariums was formed in order to supply high quality "out of this world" aquariums to distributors. In 2003 we added more new designs of acrylic coffee table aquariums to the market than any other manufacturer had in several years.

We currently have two aquarium product lines and are in the process of developing additional aquarium designs and water features. Indoor Waterfalls, Desktop Aquariums, Bubbling DVD Racks, and Bubbling Water Features will soon be available to our friends on Earth.

While we expand into new areas we are also expanding in the old. During 2005 we began including more items at no extra charge to our aquarium packages. Customers are also able to choose from several different gravel colors and center piece displays.

We also have become very active in making prototype aquariums, water features, and other acrylic items for customers. When someone has a great idea for a new product they usually want to make a few to test before they commit to making a thousand at a time. We work with our customers in making them prototypes to fit their needs and budget. Please go to our prototype page for more details.

Another new product in 2005 was our large Vee-trap (fry trap, birthing tank, isolation tank, or V-trap) for small live bearing fish. Our first units are sized for Swordtails, Platys, Guppies, Mollies, and other small fish. This design started with a few prototypes and will soon be injection molded or vacuum formed production plastic products. Please go to our Vee trap page for more details.

And this year? We have some new items in the wings. We have elected to save the first "sightings" of these for our distributors. Around the holiday season they should be in full production and available for our distributors to attack Earth with.

Please e-mail us for more information.

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