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Prototypes and Bringing a Product to Life

Alien Aquariums has been a key team member for groups starting with only an idea.

We have customers that will tell you how we helped them in areas which they never imagined. Not only do we make products, but we can advise you on numerous other areas. Areas such as different manufacturing processes available, how many to make and when, how to protect your idea without investing in a patent, ways to market your product, promoting your product, how to get a UPC code, Internet options, exhibiting at your first trade show, etc.

Utilizing a CAD program with a spreadsheet allows the viewer to "stretch" components and have an updated material cost. Sometimes a fraction of an inch makes a huge cost difference.  

Several different designs of a complex part were made from Delrin then evaluated. An actual prototype part given to vendors allowed a more accurate and cost saving part. Shown above is the final mass-produced part.

Our custom design group will help you along the road to develop your idea and market your product. We have confidential agreement forms that we can provide if you do not already have that in place. This is an example of how our experience will not only help to bring your idea to life, but to keep your idea safe and protected. We have taken an idea from concept to marketing many times so why not take advantage of our experience?

Our 10,000 square foot facility has acrylic and metal fabricating tools. If we don't have a machine on hand that is required, we know where there is one.

Our people have the knowledge and experience to choose the correct tools, machines, and materials to cost effectively produce your idea. We have the resources to take any idea and turn it into a reality.

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