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Fry Trap for Guppy Breeders

Alien Aquariums has been testing an aquarium that will please fish breeders. Up to now a hobbyist that was breeding live bearing fish either lets the fry drop to the tank bottom or move the "loaded" female into a small floating or hanging Vee-trap.

The threat of the mother fish being frightened and delivering premature causes many breeders not to use these traps. Not using the traps allows the mother and father (or commonly a trio of fish) to eat the young. Some breeders require the females to be exposed to the male immediately after birth, so separating the mother before birth causes problems.

Our cure? Let the pair of adult fish (or trio) live in a roomy aquarium that has a built in Vee trap. After the fry are born you have weeks before you need to remove the adult fish. When ready, net the adult fish and transfer them to another aquarium. Remove the Vee trap (with fry still in tank) and you now have an aquarium to raise the young.

When breeding a trio of Guppies, a tank size of 2.5 to 5 gallons is considered ideal. However bigger is not always better. The larger the tank, the less tanks per shelf and less trios a breeder can have in a fish room. Therefor we offer a 3 gallon aquarium with a removable Vee trap.

Fry Trap Model V3.0 Specifications:

Holds 3.0 gallons of water (3.5 gallon "size" using traditional aquarium ratings).
Adult fish have 2 gallons of living area above the Vee trap.
Acrylic construction instead of heavier glass.
Weighs less than 30 pounds full, so can be moved with fish inside.
Extra thick acrylic to help survive abuse and allow it be moved when full of water.
Size designed to optimize vertical and horizontal shelf space.
Size designed to fit on 12" nominal shelves (usually 11.75 or 11.25" wide).
Optically clear walls for sharp photographs and easy inspection of fry.
Non-reflective bottom.
Made in the USA.

Model V3.0 outside dimensions are 7.75" long (left to right) x 11" wide (front to back) x 9.5" tall. When raising the newborn fry this size is large enough to let them grow until they can be sexed and separated. This size was picked to fit 4-across in a popular low-priced plastic shelving unit. Larger tanks would increase the weight and require stronger shelves. Also, 6-across fits under 48-inch shop lights and replace five 10-gallon tanks on existing shelves.

Larger sizes are available if desired. Large floating Vee traps for 5 and 10 gallon tanks are also available.

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