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Bubbling Water Walls and Panels

The staff at Alien Aquariums has been designing bubbling water walls and similar display features for several years. We believe we are the best supplier for these units. Whether we build these units or contract with some of the best fabricators in the United States, our customers are assured the highest level of quality and customer service. Best of all our bubbling liquid displays are realistically priced. We are unique in that our designers have installed these units at numerous customer sites then apply the lessons learned to the next designs.

Most of our customers have no experience with a Bubbling Water Wall. Although the purchase cost may be the most important issue to a customer, what about items that will cost our customer later or in the long run? Since our customer is expecting us to be the experts we act as such. We inform prospective buyers what long term costs will be occurred with every bubbling liquid display that we offer. We give options and explain the pro's and con's of each.

Here is some of the value added items we offer our customers:

  • Highly Accurate Fits
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Replaceable Parts

The easy way to design is to allow a lot of slop. A large tolerance (and a sloppy fitting panel) are easier to make. The correct way is to spend the extra time and make sure it fits right.

Would you rather pay a person one, two, or three days for installing a Bubbling Water Wall? Our instructions and method of design make our displays "carpenter friendly" during installation. We supply extra mounting holes, extra mounting brackets, alternate mounting options, planning drawings, good documentation, phone support, and anything else that will save installation time.

Water will evaporate. This means someone has to add water. We design our panels to reduce evaporation and to conceal the water level as long as possible. Cheaper light bulbs will save us money, but burn out quicker. Besides making the display look bad our customer will need to pay someone to put in a new light bulb. If the bubbling display (or other water feature) is in a doctors waiting room, who will do the maintenance? Our goal is to reduce maintenance costs and save the customer money.

What if the bubble mechanism is clogged by dirty water? How easy is it to replace or clean? We design our panels and bubbling water walls to allow for replacing all parts while the display is still in place. You do not need to take the display down as is required with "cheaper" displays.

In summary we are unique in that we look out for our customers long term. Sometimes this raises the purchase price of our bubbling water walls and features. However, after incorporating the costs of installation and a year of operation, we are the best value for our customers.

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