Alien Aquariums

In 2002, Alien Aquariums was the name assigned to an existing line of unique coffee table aquariums and tower aquariums. During May and June of 2006, Alien Aquariums products accounted for 70% of the coffee table aquariums sold on eBay. Since then Alien Aquariums has expanded to include indoor waterfalls, DVD display racks, bubbling water features, fish breeding equipment, trade show displays, and other Point of Purchase (POP) displays.

Our design staff has developed custom water features for Pepsi, McDonalds, Sears, Harrah's Casino, The Gap, Starbucks, Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, Rainforest Cafe, and numerous restaurants and corporations. Our experience allows us to design new features and projects so that we produce the best product possible.

Our products are not the only things that need to be the highest quality. The highest quality service, professionalism, and honesty MUST also be supplied to you, our customers.

Thank you!

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